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Collecting rubber sap at first light
Quality collected drop by drop
Handpicked cured rubber lace
Precision for quality
Our specialty does not stop at slippers
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About us

The factory of the company nestles amidst the green groves of rubber plantations found in Sri Lanka’s primarily rubber growing area of the country’s wet zone. The company was founded in 1986 and is led by industry experts who take it upon themselves to be at the cutting edge of technology and processors strengthened by their years of accumulated competencies. Being situated in the rubber growing heartland gives the company the advantage in sourcing quality raw materials for its production direct from suppliers in the area.

The company has the ability to handle its production commencing with EVA, Rubber micro cellular sheets and turning out various molded rubber products and components required for the complete assembling of beach slippers and other footwear.  Lakpa footwear believes that staying in touch with nature and its customers brings out the best in a product – the best footwear in natural rubber and design.

Investing in cutting edge technology the Company has gained a reputation for its superior quality footwear which also stemmed from the company’s R&D efforts and giving ear to its consumers. The brand Lakpa quickly arose to become the second largest manufacturer of footwear in Sri Lanka. The company reaches its consumers through its 4000 distributors situated across the country.

Lakpa Footwear company exports its flip-flops to countries across the continents of Europe, Asia, Oceania and the West Indies.

Vision of Company

Creating the ultimate footwear experience