Surf Camo Kaki


A cool looking way to slip your feet into on a hot day. This flip flop has been toughened to live up to its design. Tough and slip resistant it will take you through any terrain rain or shine. Made from natural rubber, Lakpa Surf Camo ensures comfort and style.

Available in   – Surf Camo Grey / Surf Camo Blue / Surf Camo Kaki

Sizes Available: UK Size 6 – 10


You can easily pick your footwear size to order your favorite Lakpa flip-flop by consulting the flip-flop foot chart. Knowing your foot size will help you to select the best fit for your foot.

Footwear size is determined by the length and at times width of one’s foot. So get comfortable by getting to know your foot size and slip into Lakpa Island time.

UK Size Length (Inch) Length (cm)
6 9 1/2″ 24.1 cm
7 9 3/4″ 24.8 cm
8 10 1/8″ 25.7 cm
9 10 7/16″ 26.7 cm
10 10 3/4″ 27.3 cm


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